How many times have you pulled out your phone tofind a restaurant near you? Or, even a tire or mechanics shop?

Now think of how many people are doing that daily looking for a business just like yours!

Thats a lot of potential profit you are missing if you dont have your google maps in the top 3 “Google Maps 3 Pack”.

Google Map Pack
Google Map 3 Pack

What this means is when someone searches something or a place they are looking for , the first 3 show up on the map. These show up first because of their marketing, reviews, and SEO. Complete business profiles and more reviews makes it more likely to be viewed in the top 3 of google maps when someone is searching for a business like yours.


What is Google Maps Marketing?

Once you have created your GMB account maps marketing is a place that allows you to list your business information like address, open hours, phone number and website URL if you have one. (If you don’t have a website and would like a custom designed one please let me know) Once all this is added to your business listing people can start searching for places just like yours on Google.

If used correctly Google Maps can help in your marketing strategy. When someone is looking for a service or local business you want to be on the top of that listing (Map 3 pack).

Why is maps marketing good for business?

Google Maps Marketing

When a potential customer is looking for something in particular they usually start with Google. If your business is shown at the top of the results it is more likely for them to visit your business. Make sure you get plenty of reviews on your GMB listing and you will start getting more calls, potential returning customer leads and you will start to see an uptick in sales.

In conclusion:

Better Google Maps ranking, reviews, and leads equals more business. These things together makes you more profit and more business potential.  This is not an overnight change however, and it could take some time. If you think all of these things would be good for your business but you are busy keeping the business  running, leave it to me! 

I can check your listings come up with a marketing plan to fit your budget. 

                                        In 3-6 months you should start to see a difference in customer quantity, phone calls, and a raise in overall profit.


Please feel free to contact me to schedule a review.

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6 Replies to “Why Google Maps Marketing is good for Business”

  • Hey,

    Wow, I have never heard of Google maps marketing. This is something I can use when I start my training and speaking part of my business. That is the next stage after making my online business a success.

    I have bookmarked this article and I have forwarded it to a couple of friends who I think will benefit from it too.

    Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Thanks Tom, It seems to be a good marketing strategy to get your business viewed more often on the map in the search results when searching for a particular service or niche you might say. This strategy can benefit locally owned businesses who have great reviews but are still not on the map pack (first 3 results on google). I can see lots of new and established businesses benefiting from this strategy, I hope to provide services that can make these businesses blossom and grow for many years!

  • Finally, someone who can provide a straight forward and easy to understand explanation on Google Mapping and it’s importance to a Business’ Marketing Strategy. I appreciate you doing this post. Looking forward to your future posts. Keep up the great work….

  • I did find Google Maps interesting and something I never thought of using myself, but can you take advantage of this
    with a business that is online only without a physical address on the map?


    • I actually dont know. It is basically the same as SEO and I’m sure I could find a way quickly to answer your question! That is a great question for sure. If you subscribe or send me a direct email I can get back to you quicker on eays it could be beneficial to you. I will be sure to post something about it later on today if possible.

      Thank you for bringing up such a great question!

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