IF you own your own business and you are looking for ways to get on the map and get more consistent customers and more profit Google My Business is going to be something that you do right away!

 GMB is a big directory of sorts that lets people see local businesses and listings of things near them. You want to be one of them don’t you?

Google My Business profile will display your open hours, address, customer ratings, and reviews. This makes it easier for prospective customers to decide if they trust your service or business and whether they would come to you for services or products.

This is why it is important to keep the positive reviews and ratings available for anyone who is looking for your service.

You might ask yourself do I need a Google My Business account? The answer is simple, YES.

Your GMB is connected to your Google Maps of your business, this is how people are searching for services, seeing you and getting their information on your business.

 More Information on how Google Maps Marketing may be a good choice for you, click HERE.

A perk of having a GMB account is the ability to see the analytics of your business.

-how people are finding you

-how many are calling you

-how many clicks to more information you are getting

-how many asked for directions and from where

There is so much more that GMB can do for you! I can do a free consultation for you and your GMB and Google Maps Marketing so you can focus on running the business and all the new prospective customers that I will get coming your way!


Amanda Panda Web Design/Marketing Assistant
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